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Covid-19 Notice: I'm doing online sessions with patients. Even if this is your initial session, I'm willing to meet you through video.

Dr. Daniel Goldberg

With over 35 years of experience, my goal is to provide support and practical solutions to help people address feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and loneliness.  Even in a relationship, we can feel alone and unseen for who we truly are.  Our real self can become hidden, sometimes even to ourselves. So doing couples therapy, marriage therapy, and therapy that helps couples transition into a new relationship is the heart of my work

Most of my patients come to me for help with loss, life transitions, and relationship challenges.  My passion is to help people find authentic connection in their relationships.  I'm also dedicated to training other professionals  in helping couples and to this end, I've developed a couples therapy training program.  With compassion, understanding, and humor, I help people discover new paths to working through their psychological distress.

In my therapy sessions, I am quite active and use an integration of contemporary depth approaches, mindfulness and non-dualistic approaches.  I aim at getting to the heart of the matter so that the results of our work can last over time.   I help people to slow down, become reflective, uncover perspectives outside their awareness, and finally to strengthen their own voice so that they are not merely  adapting to the wishes of others.  I believe that maybe more than any other factor in psychotherapy, it's the relationship built between a patient and therapist that fosters change. I value a creative life so to that end, I'm an artist as well (photographer) and use my creative intuition to help people look at themselves in a transformative way. 

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